Chicago is officially in the sun, which means we’re going to be getting a bunch of daylight saving time this year, as it has for the past few years.

In 2020, the city switched to Daylight Saving Time, which lasts until July 31.

In 2021, the same year we switch, we’ll see daylight saving beginning the following day, June 22.

But we’ll still be able to take advantage of some of the best outdoor activities in Chicago, from sunrise to sunset.

Here are the best places to see the sun this summer: 1.

Chicago’s Central Park We all know the Central Park Zoo’s popular sunrise hike, but now we have a second sunrise at the park.

As of June 20, the park will have one sunrise every half hour, meaning it’s the longest sunrise at Chicago’s most famous spot in a year.

The park also has one sunrise each half hour during sunrise, sunset and sunrise-to-sunset.

The Park District will also begin offering the sunrise-only Sunrise Walk on June 23, which will start at 9:45 a.m. and run until noon.

It’s the perfect opportunity to capture a sunset that looks like it’s taking off in your backyard.

For more information, check out this page on the Park District’s website.


Downtown Chicago The Downtown Loop is a short walk to a few cool spots like the Chicago Science Center and the American Legion Post Office.

If you can’t get downtown, you can still take in a nice view of downtown during sunrise.

Just keep in mind that sunrise isn’t allowed on the Loop between 6:30 a.

“Sunrise is allowed during the day, sunrise is prohibited from sunset and sunset is prohibited during sunrise,” the park’s website says.


Lake Michigan and the Chicago River Chicago is the largest lake in the United States, but Lake Michigan is also home to a large number of wildlife, including migratory birds and other marine life.

The lake is so full of water that it’s always a great time to get a good look at the lake’s wildlife.

In 2018, the Chicago Water Department began offering sunrise hikes at the water’s edge and along the Chicago Boardwalk.

To get a bird’s eye view of wildlife from the water, you’ll need a permit.

For those who prefer not to go to the water at all, the parks will have sunset and dawn sunrise walks as well.


The Blue Island Loop The Blue Isle Loop is an elevated section of the Loop that features views of the city from the top of Lake Michigan.

The loop also boasts a variety of hiking trails.

The Loop is also famous for its “sunset cliff” where you can look up at the skyline and see the blue sky above.


Grand Park The Chicago Loop is home to the Chicago Botanical Garden and a number of outdoor activities, including a walk through the park to get some amazing views.

To keep your eyes open for sunrise, you need to be at least 50 feet (15 meters) away from the trees.

If your destination is the Botanical Gardens, you’re best to plan ahead.


The Riverwalk It’s not just nature that will be on display during the summertime.

In the spring, Chicago gets a nice change from its usual summertime heat with cool temperatures and cool breezes.

Chicago Public Schools offers its Spring Summer Day program, which allows students to get out and walk the city.

If it’s not raining or snowing in Chicago during the week, you should be able, too.


Chicago Park District The Chicago Park Boardwalk is one of the oldest parts of the City of Chicago and features some of Chicago’s best views of Lake Shore Drive.

The boardwalk, which is only open during sunrise and sunset, is also one of Chicagos most popular destinations during the fall and winter months.

If the weather is nice, the boardwalk is the perfect place to take in some of Lake Island Park’s famous wildlife.


Chicago Riverwalk Chicago Riverfront Park offers the Chicagoans a great view of Lake Superior as well as the river and the skyline.

The Chicago River’s beautiful fall colors can be seen in the fall through winter months and can help to highlight the city’s beautiful skyline.


Cottage Grove The Chicago Cultural Center, located in Cottage Park, offers a free outdoor festival in the spring and summer that includes live music, a children’s art exhibit and an educational event called the “Art Walk.”

If it is chilly, this is one park where you’re more likely to see wildlife.


Grand Canal Park The Grand Canal is the city-owned canal that runs through Chicago.

You’ll see many of Chicago Riverboat trips take place along the canal, which can be a great place to watch the city come alive in the summer.


Lakefront Chicago is home of a variety and amazing natural landscapes that can be explored during sunrise or

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