The US dollar is the world’s second-largest reserve currency, and there are more than 10,000 local currencies that can be bought and sold in the EU, as well as in other markets, according to the London-based Eurostat agency.

And though it has recently been falling against the euro and the British pound, the US dollar continues to dominate the market.

The chart below shows the total volume of US dollars and euros traded in EU markets since the beginning of January.

The US is clearly the dominant currency, with $1.6 trillion of US dollar transactions last month, according the agency.

But there is a lot of liquidity out there.

According to data compiled by Eurostat, in December alone, there were a record 4,091 international trades.

This represents $2.4 billion in daily trade volume.

But, as the chart above shows, there are many other currencies out there that are traded in the market at a much higher volume.

These are called Europes and are sold for euros and US dollars.

As a reminder, a Europes is a banknote, which has a value of about $1,300 and can be exchanged for Euros.

There are currently more than $200 billion in Euros in circulation, according Eurostat.

The Europes are traded for dollars, yen, pound, Swiss franc, Japanese yen, Russian ruble, Turkish lira and other currencies.

So it is not surprising that many of these currencies are also sold for dollars.

But what about the others?

There are about 3,000 euro-denominated bills in circulation.

And, as you can see, many of them are used in the US.

Here are some examples: A bill in London for $1 in November.

A bill at the New York City Department of Financial Services for $8.30 in November for $13,900.

A German bill for $9.75 in November, which is sold for $20,000 in New York.

A French bill for €15,000.

A US bill for £6,500, which was sold for £5,000 on November 14, for £7,500 on November 17 in London.

A Swiss bill for 1.3 million Swiss francs for the euro for the US for a US-based customer.

A British bill for 5,000 pounds for the UK for the same customer.

And a British bill in Paris for €3,700 for a UK customer.

These examples show the potential for Europes to be a great investment, because they offer investors a very good rate of return on their investment.

For example, the German bill was sold at $4,600, or $5,800 per $1 bill.

The Swiss bill was traded at $3,600 or $4.75 per $5 bill.

And the British bill was trading for £1,600.

There is even a bill on the British island of Jersey that was worth $1 million in 2012.

And there are several bills that were worth more than a million in 2011, and many others that were traded for more than one million pounds each.

These bills can also be used as a great way to hedge against the effects of the economic slowdown in the world economy, as many of the bills have a coupon of up to 7% for the first year, 10% for 2 years and 15% for 3 years.

A Europes bill can be used to hedge the risk of a sudden drop in the price of a foreign currency, especially if the country’s economy is in recession.

For instance, in October 2011, the Europes exchange rate was around 12% higher than it is now, as a result of the financial crisis in Greece, according data compiled in the Financial Times.

So, if the European economy is going to start to slow down, this can be a good hedge against a sudden dip in the value of the Euro.

But it is also a good way to diversify your portfolio and protect yourself against the volatility of foreign currency markets.

This chart from Eurostat shows the price-to-earnings ratio of a Europeans bill as of November 10, 2011.

The stock market is in a downtrend, which means that the bill is trading at a loss.

This is the risk that many Europes holders take when they decide to sell their bills, especially since these bills are being traded for much higher yields than the stock market.

So many of those holders are diversifying their portfolios and holding euros and dollars in hopes that the economy will pick up again, when they are able to make their profits.

But that is a different story altogether.

If you are a Europs holder, there is no way you are going to be able to invest as much as you did when the markets were booming.

So don’t give up on your Europes.

And if you’re looking to diversize your portfolio in the

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