President Donald Trump on Wednesday called for a “reset” of US relations with Cuba, arguing that the country’s communist government was the source of the U.S. economic crisis.

Trump’s remarks, in a tweet, came a day after the White House announced that it had reached an agreement with Cuba’s communist-run government, which has denied Washington any role in the crisis.

The announcement came days after Trump signed an executive order that imposed new sanctions on Cuba and eased some restrictions on travel and trade.

The United States imposed new restrictions on Cuba in late January, restricting trade and allowing travel between Cuba and the United States.

The U.N. and the European Union also imposed travel restrictions.

The sanctions imposed by the Trump administration also barred Cuban-Americans from obtaining visas, limiting their ability to obtain visas and closing U.A.E. airports and other facilities to U.P.C. workers.

The embargo also forced U.

Ps to temporarily halt any cooperation with the U,P.A., and Cuba’s National Assembly, which is controlled by Castro.

In a statement, Trump said he had ordered the U and the Cuban government to negotiate a “new set of long-term relations that will include increased cooperation in human rights, democracy, and other issues.”

The U.,P.P., Cuba’s Communist Party, and Cuba formally ended diplomatic relations in 2015, following decades of hostility. “

This will also include all countries that harbor fugitives, and the countries where they can do business.”

The U.,P.P., Cuba’s Communist Party, and Cuba formally ended diplomatic relations in 2015, following decades of hostility.

The two nations have been trading economic and military aid since the end of the Cold War.

U.C.,P., and the government of Cuba are officially at war.

The administration of Cuban President Raul Castro and U.U.,P.’s Cuban National Assembly have called for the resumption of normal relations.

Cuba has not formally declared war on the United State, but U.s. officials have said they will not recognize a unilateral Cuban invasion of the island nation.

A number of U. U.,p., and Cuban officials have also accused the United Sates of spying for the communist government, although the U.,s claim is not backed up by evidence.

Cuban officials said the Trump-Castro talks are the result of a new effort by Cuban President Raúl Castro to make progress toward the “liberation” of Cuba from U. s,P., which they said has “destroyed” the Cuban nation.

Castro and his supporters have said the U S,P.’d embargo was necessary to achieve that goal, and have argued that the U U. and Castro’s government have used the embargo to destabilize the country.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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