The National Weather Service predicts that the change of the hours of darkness will start in the morning, with a short, 10-minute window of darkness in the early afternoon.

The change will last until about 11:30 p.m., with a 10-second time change.

It will be at night, and the light will begin to fade.

The changes will be most noticeable in the city of Dallas, with temperatures dropping into the teens by 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity increasing to 90 percent.

The area around the city will also see an increase in temperatures.

The National Weather Bureau is forecasting a “major thunderstorm” in Dallas and the state’s other major cities.

The storms are expected to bring some rain, but will be more of a blizzard and more of an intense storm than what we saw in previous years.

“The storms will have the potential to be extremely heavy,” the NWS says.

“There will be heavy snowfall, high winds and hail.”

This storm will bring some rainfall to the Texas Panhandle and into northern Oklahoma and into Kansas, which are the major storm centers.

“Heavy snow and heavy rain are possible, with potentially damaging wind gusts of up to 100 mph (150 km/h) across much of the Plains and parts of the Gulf Coast,” the weather service warns.

The heavy snow is expected to last from early to mid-morning, with some heavy snow totals.

The storm will also bring more rain, bringing down to the 20s in some areas.

The storm is expected “to bring about as much as 15 inches (41 cm) of snow or more in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and New Mexico.”

A strong tornado warning is in effect for parts of eastern and southern Nebraska and western Iowa, and a tornado warning remains in effect in Arkansas and western Tennessee.

The tornado warning for parts to the west of the state of Louisiana has been reduced to a “slight warning” after it was deemed too dangerous.

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