Danbury News Times – 1 hour agoDanbury News times – 1 day agoDanford woman admits to first anal sex reporter 1 hour, 28 minutes agoDanica Adams, a reporter at the Danbury news paper, has been caught by a reporter who claims she was first anal during her first time covering the story of a woman who had sex with her husband.

Danbury’s DanburyNewsTimes published a story about 23-year-old Lauren Hensley and her husband, Daniel, who were charged with statutory rape.

According to the Dan- burys News Times, Adams was working for the paper when she was introduced to the story.

When she was invited to meet her husband at the couple’s apartment, she said she found herself having an “unwanted anal experience” with him.

“It was the first time I had ever had anal sex,” Adams said.

She told her husband she wanted to share the experience with the world, so he agreed to meet with her in person.

Adams said her experience with her wife was “unusual,” but she also told her co-worker that she didn’t feel like it was right for the story to be published.

Adams told her former boss she felt the article was “too sensitive” and “totally inappropriate,” and that she would not share the story with her bosses.

“I feel that I’m in a position where I don’t feel comfortable reporting this story,” she said.

Adams was the sole reporter on the story at the time and said she did not believe the story was published because she felt that “the whole point of it was to get Danes attention, to get him to go out and see his wife.”

She said she never reported the story because “I thought that if Danes story was made public, it would be too big a story for the newspapers to run.

I feel like I was wrong.”

“Danbury is a small town,” Adams told the News Times.

Danbury Police did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. “

Danford is a smaller town, but that doesn’t make it any less sensitive.”

Danbury Police did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Dan Adams, pictured, says she was ‘too sensitive’ to report the story and ‘did not feel comfortable’ sharing the story in the paper, according to her former employer.

Danica Adams says she never believed the story would be published because of her previous experiences.

“When we had sex, I was completely fine with it, but I was very careful,” she told the Danburys NewsTimes.

“For me to do something that was so extreme, it was not something I wanted to do.

I didn�t think it would get covered at all.” “

But I didn’t think I would be in the news.

I didn�t think it would get covered at all.”

Dan Adams was hired by DanburyNEWSTimes after reporting on the case of an 18-year old woman who said she was raped by her boyfriend, but was arrested for a second time.

“If I had told the paper about the first rape, they would have fired me immediately,” she explained.

“They knew that the first one wasn’t a real rape.

But if I had reported the second one, they�d have fired my co-workers, too.”

Adams said she does not regret her decision to cover the story, but she has no regrets about her actions at the Times.


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