TIME magazine has published an article about a US court ruling that will block access for foreign journalists and editors from the UK-headquartered Times Square website.

The ruling by a federal court in Washington, DC, said that US courts do not have jurisdiction over the domain names of news organizations that are located outside the United States.

The news outlet said the move was designed to protect US newsrooms from potential interference from foreign governments.

“The US is the only country in the world that can issue such a blanket injunction to prevent foreign nationals from accessing US websites and, therefore, the United Kingdom from accessing American news,” the US court of appeals wrote in its opinion.

“The court does not find that this action, in and of itself, will serve to prevent an interference from a foreign country.” 

“The court has found that the US courts have no jurisdiction to issue an injunction to prohibit access to the Times Square domain, as there is no foreign government that has a direct or indirect interest in interfering with the availability of the Times Street address, which is controlled by US media organizations,” the article says. 

“Indeed, the court has already issued an injunction barring the entry of foreign nationals who would use the domain for accessing the US news site.”

It is unfortunate that the court did not recognize this fact.” 

Times Square is the world’s largest public square, hosting a number of events including the Super Bowl, the Winter Olympics and the World Cup. 

The Times Square venue was the site of the 2013 London Olympics, but was closed for the opening ceremony due to a virus. 

Earlier this year, a federal judge in Florida issued a ruling that would block US citizens and permanent residents from using the domain name for accessing websites that are hosted in the US. 

 The court found that such sites “could not be served” by the domain registrar, which operates a service that allows US citizens to visit the site without needing a US passport. 

In a separate ruling last year, the US Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled that the domain-name registration process for the TimesSquare.com domain was “arbitrary, capricious, caprice and capriciously discriminatory” and was therefore “unjustifiable.” 

The news outlet pointed to a letter written by the Federal Trade Commission in August that was filed in support of the case. 

A spokesman for the FCC told RTE that the agency is committed to working with media and other entities to ensure that the American people can have access to news, information, information services and information in their online and offline communities. 

Last month, the White House announced that President Donald Trump was nominating US-based lawyer Daniel Lipschutz to be a special adviser to the White, House Counsel.

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