A year ago, TIME magazine was the most influential publication on the Internet.

It has now moved to the No. 3 spot, according to the data company Quantcast.

That puts TIME in a rarefied group of publications with more readers than its competitors.

TIME, along with the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the Economist, topped the list in terms of total readership.

The list also includes a few of the most popular media sites on the Web, including Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, and Mashable.

TIME is not on this year’s list.

TIME’s ranking places it behind the New York Daily News, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and Forbes magazine, which also made the list last year.

TIME was founded in 1881 and is the oldest continuously published news magazine in the United States.

Its editorial style has evolved over time.

Today, TIME is more opinionated and progressive, and it takes a more liberal approach to the news that is rarely seen in traditional publications.

Its focus is not news but commentary and opinion.

In many ways, TIME mirrors the rest of the media landscape.

Its coverage focuses on issues like race, gender, and economics.

It also frequently features prominent people who have made important contributions to the field of journalism.

It is also more of a destination for millennials than many traditional publications, which have a strong audience of young people.

The new generation of TIME employees has made some major changes in how it covers stories and has a more activist bent.

The publication has started using its own content to promote its new digital initiatives.

The company is expanding its editorial team to include former TIME writers and reporters.

And it is also starting to explore ways to make its digital offerings more accessible.

The Times has had a tough time attracting readership in recent years.

The magazine’s circulation has dropped since 2011, and last year it was one of the lowest-performing print publications in the U.S. This year, TIME said it will publish more digital content, including video.

TIME said that this is a way to keep readers engaged with its content and its coverage.

The digital changes include creating a new digital platform called News & Politics that is a place for subscribers to follow and read stories.

In addition, it is partnering with other digital media companies to publish stories and photos.

TIME also said that it will launch a new “Digital Journalism Center” this fall to help journalists build audiences, and will hire more people to support the new digital platforms.

TIME has also started investing in social media to increase its reach and reach reach reach.

The newsmagazine has started posting a weekly newsletter, The Pulse, that features articles about politics and other issues.

The online version of The Pulse is a mix of stories that are more widely available online and new stories and interviews.

The Pulse also features a live blog that provides a snapshot of news and events from around the world, according of the newsmagazines website.

The site is also making it easier for people to connect with others who cover the same topic.

The Huffington Post has also been working hard to attract readership to its content, which has increased by about 400 percent over the past two years.

This is not only a way for the news website to reach millennials and get them to engage with its coverage, but also to reach other younger audiences.

TIME will also begin using its content to market its new products and services.

For example, in October, the magazine said it is launching a new site called the People’s World, which will offer a digital portal for readers to access news from around their lives.

The People’s Web will have an online feature called The World Inside, where users will be able to see how their personal information is being used, according the magazine.

The World inside will also be available on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

TIME hopes that the People to People Connectivity product will help the magazine reach an audience beyond its existing demographic of younger people, the young people who make up about half of its readership and who are also its fastest growing demographic.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of a new generation in media and the news industry, and we know that our audience is ready for a more diverse, more inclusive news site,” said Michael Gartenberg, CEO of TIME, in a statement.

“This is a bold new approach to our journalism and we are excited about its potential for success.

We look forward to building a stronger, more diverse and more inclusive community of people who care about our news and who will continue to have a voice in the news and culture of the United Kingdom.”

The list of the top 10 most influential publications on the internet for 2016 was compiled by Quantcast, a technology company that analyzes the popularity of a site and identifies its impact.

Quantcast used data from Quantcast and Alexa to rank the top news websites based on the number of unique visitors per month to the site, average number of clicks per month for each website, and total revenue

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