By now, you probably know that Tim Ferries, the former Cleveland Cavaliers star and current TNT analyst, was a regular at NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston.

The two-time NBA All/NBA First Team All-Defensive First Team and MVP Award winner was there with the rest of the Cavs, where he was a member of the team that won a title in 2009.

But the NBA All Ballers ceremony was actually held on the last day of the 2017 NBA All Access season, which was the third-annual All Access edition of the NBA.

During the game, the All Baller announced that the game would be delayed to allow a full game of the 2018 All Access version of the game to be played.

The Cavaliers lost the game on the first possession, and it took the Cavs just over seven minutes for the game’s final play to be called.

This is a very common situation for All Access, and a game of NBA All Passes usually takes between two and three minutes to complete.

So when Tim Ferres finally arrived to play, the game was delayed to make room for the All Access player.

In his first game back in the NBA since his injury, Tim Ferrell was the first player to ever play the game in the same way he did on All Access.

“I love the way the game works, and I think that’s why it works,” he told Bleacher in an interview conducted in the week following the All-Access edition.

“You’re not even on the court.

You’re watching it on your computer, and then the game takes place.”

When Tim Ferrers return to the court, he will have to adjust to his new body and a new set of skills, but he says he will be able to play the same game in a few years time.

Tim Ferrier talks to reporters during the Cavs-Celtics game in Houston, Texas, January 18, 2020.

Tim was able to get back to the Cavs after being on the bench for all of four games due to a torn ACL in his right knee.

“It’s going to be a lot different,” he said of the adjustment.

“When you get back in there and you’re on the floor, it’s a different experience.

But I think I’ll be OK.”

The Cavs will play in three more All Access games on All Pass this season.

Tim also shared some of his favorite All Access moments and highlights, which are all available to stream right here.

Here’s a look at the Cavs’ All Access experience.

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