A good shopping experience means you’ll be more likely to spend money.

So how can you get the best out of the local market?

Here’s what you need to know.


Buy locally You can buy your groceries at your local supermarket or even in a big box, which is usually where you buy your vegetables, meats, fish and more.

This way, you’ll never have to shop online again.

You can find groceries and other items on the main street of your destination, but if you’re shopping on foot or on footy, you can’t go wrong with a local supermarket.


Shop local You’re going to have to walk to the store, so you might want to shop at the grocery store instead.

This is the best way to save money, as you can pick up a lot more items and save on your own grocery bill.

You’ll save money by picking up items in the same store, rather than going to different locations in different areas of the city.


Find local stores It’s easy to go to a supermarket in the centre of town, or to a smaller supermarket in a bigger area.

If you’re in a large town or city, these can be a little more difficult to find.

You might want the best local stores for your shopping needs, such as those in the CBD, or in the suburb just down the road.


Shop in small numbers There are many smaller shops that cater for shoppers in your area.

This will mean you’ll have to pay more for your groceries, so it’s important to shop in smaller quantities.


Shop online If you want to try out a local shop, you’re going the internet.

It’s great if you have a smartphone, but some websites may not offer a wide selection of products to choose from.

It will be easier to shop locally if you shop online.


Use the internet for shopping online If shopping online is not your thing, there are plenty of places to shop where you can get a local selection of items.

You may also find more local brands to choose with online retailers such as The Grocer, Food Bank, Kiko and more, as well as on-line retailers like Amazon, eBay and other sites.


Don’t shop for items in your local grocery store If you find an item you want at a local grocery, you should ask the store if they’ll carry it at your next visit.

You won’t have to worry about it being too expensive, or it will be available at a lower price.


Shop locally If you go to the supermarket in your neighbourhood, you might be surprised to find that there are many locally grown, organic and sustainable products on sale.

If there’s a lot of organic produce on sale, you may be able to find the produce you want in a different local store.

You’re more likely not to find things you’re looking for at the local supermarket, as they may not have the same product or the same price tag as online retailers.


Look out for discounts and special offers If you shop for local products online, you could save money if you find a good deal.

You could also save money in some cases if you buy more local products than online retailers do.

Some online retailers offer discounts, often on special products, such in the case of locally grown products.

For example, a farmer in the Central Highlands may have the opportunity to sell his produce for more than the average local supermarket price.

If that happens, you will save money at the farmers market, or you may even save money online.


Shop for the right product At the end of the day, the best shopping experience is one where you’re buying local.

If it’s worth your while to buy locally, you won’t be wasting your time shopping online.

You will find great deals on local produce at the farmer’s market or online retailers, which are more likely in your town.


Shop responsibly If you choose to shop with a friend or relative, they should be responsible for all the costs involved.

They may also be able the cheaper price you find online.

If the prices on the local store are cheaper than what you can buy online, then you can make the decision to shop elsewhere.

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