The Navy has taken a step toward making sure its officers and soldiers have plenty of time to recover from stress-induced illness and injury.

The Navy and its health and safety contractors have been testing the military’s time-of-flight technology on soldiers and sailors since last year, but the military still hasn’t formally released the results.

Now, it’s giving those results out publicly, and the results have been pretty compelling.

The tests have shown that the Navy is able to test the stress-response time of military members who are undergoing the military version of the military stress test.

This is in part because the stress test is conducted during a simulated, real-world deployment, which has provided the Navy with a much better chance of testing a stress-resilient person.

The Navy also has a better chance at detecting and isolating individuals who are experiencing stress-inducing events, such as a suicide attempt.

The results show that the stress response time of soldiers is nearly twice as fast as that of sailors, which is good news for sailors who have experienced long periods of isolation during deployments.

The stress response is also significantly lower for soldiers, which may make soldiers less likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, the condition that can develop following prolonged stress.

The military also tested its time-to-impact test on a handful of troops in a simulated training exercise, but it found that the soldiers did not experience the same symptoms as those of soldiers who experienced the stressors of combat.

The military also noted that the test is not a valid indicator of stress or its impact on a person’s health, and that it doesn’t correlate to any of the common medical conditions.

Still, the tests are showing that soldiers and Sailors can cope with a variety of stressors during training and the actual deployment, and can recover in less than 24 hours.

In the Navy’s tests, soldiers and men were able to maintain a mental and physical state, including avoiding post-hoc activities, in a relatively short period of time.

The stress response tests have also shown that soldiers who participated in the military-only stress test had less symptoms of stress and fatigue than soldiers who had participated in both the stress and physical tests.

So far, the military has only tested soldiers on the naval version of its stress test, but that version of stress test has not been available to the public, so these tests have not been widely available.

The tests were also not available for people who are not part of the armed forces.

But there’s a catch.

The government-funded Naval Health Assessment and Research Center has not yet released the Navy-wide stress-tests results.

This means that soldiers have been tested only on the Navy version of a stress test that is being used to gauge the health and fitness of its members.

It also means that the results from this test, which are not publicly available, have not yet been compared to the Navy versions of the stress tests.

The test, like other military tests, involves military personnel wearing a protective suit to simulate combat conditions.

This testing is done in conjunction with an airborne exercise called the Tactical Stress Test, which simulates the physical stress of combat, including high-impact combat maneuvers.

The naval stress test takes place in a hangar and is conducted for several hours each day.

The test consists of four phases, which each have different intensity levels and take place in three different time periods.

The first, which lasts about an hour, consists of soldiers wearing a face mask, face shield, and helmet, and conducting various tasks that simulate military operations.

The second, which includes the actual stress test and the third and fourth phases, are conducted separately.

The first two are conducted during the real-time simulation and last about an additional hour.

The Naval Health Assessments and Research Centers is the military agency that is in charge of conducting these tests, and it is currently conducting a study of the results of these stress tests to determine whether or not the stress testing has an impact on soldiers’ health.

The Army’s stress testing is also being conducted at a small number of sites around the country.

But the Army’s tests are only conducted in large training facilities and don’t include a lot of soldiers.

The Defense Department’s Office of the Chief Medical Officer has not announced when it plans to release the Navy and the Army tests, but Navy officials have said they expect to release them soon.

It’s important to note that there are many different ways to measure stress in the world, so it’s important for the public to understand the methods that are used in these tests.

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