Greetings Adventure Time fans!

In honor of Adventure Time: Season 4’s release date, I am happy to share a special article with you.

As a matter of fact, it is the Adventure Time episode that is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017.

The episode was first released on December 11, 2005.

Adventure Time Season 4 was created by Pendleton Ward and drawn by Greg Capullo.

In the original season, the four-episode story featured the adventures of Princess Bubblegum, Finnick, Princess Bubblehead, and Jake, and Princess Bubble and the Crystal Skull, as well as some new characters.

This was a series that was originally created for Cartoon Network, and was aired in an animated format.

Since its premiere in 2017, Adventure Time has aired on Cartoon Network every week since.

We will have more details on how Adventure Time is celebrating this anniversary in the coming days.

In this post, we are sharing the first 10 minutes of the episode, and we hope you enjoy it.

As you will see, the story focuses on the time travel aspects of the series.

The first two minutes are filled with Jake and Finnick getting lost in the forest.

As they wander through the woods, Jake and the rest of the crew are forced to take a nap.

In a scene from the episode that aired in 2017 that was released in 2018, the heroes discover the Crystal Cube, a device that allows the world to expand.

However, as the heroes continue their journey, they are unable to enter the Crystal and find the Crystal, which then leads them to the time where the team is trapped in time and need to save their friends.

The characters in the episode have a great deal in common with their cartoon counterparts.

In fact, in the show, Jake is the youngest of the four main characters, and Finnicks first name is pronounced “finn-TAY-ke”.

Jake and Jake are both from Texas, and they are from an adventure that takes place in the state of Texas.

Finnick and Jake live in a house in Texas that has been restored by a magic spell.

The Crystal Cube is a time machine that allows time travel to happen.

In Adventure Time, Jake becomes a member of the Adventure Team, a group of characters that are sent to stop the evil Time Patrol.

Jake also becomes a Hero of the Time after he becomes the Hero of Time.

In other words, Jake gets his powers from the Crystal.

In our story, Jake’s role in the story is to take the Crystal to the Time Patrol and rescue Finnick.

It’s also important to note that Jake and his friends are all wearing Adventure Time apparel.

Jake wears a hat and a cape, and he has a scarf that he wears around his neck.

Jake is wearing a yellow and red hat with a red and white stripe, and a red bow.

In one of the opening scenes, we see Jake and several of his friends walking through a forest with Jake on top of the tree.

In that scene, we also see the Crystal in the tree and the hero’s arrival in the scene.

The AdventureTime episode begins with the heroes traveling to the past in order to save the heroes from the Time Travelers.

In addition to traveling back in time to save them, Jake, Finnicks, and the others also come across the Time Lords in the future.

The heroes then travel back to the present and meet up with Princess Bubble, who is also part of the team.

Jake asks her to stop him from getting into a trap by Princess Bubble.

In order to stop Princess Bubble from getting hurt by the Time Troopers, Jake tells her to put on a show, and then the group begins to play with a toy turtle.

When the heroes leave the toy turtle in a nearby tree, Princess Bubbles head turns into a turtle.

In episode four, Princess Ice Princess tells the heroes that the Turtle is a treasure from the time of the Turtle and the turtles history.

In Princess Ice’s mind, she then sees a picture of the turtle, which shows the heros going to the Turtle’s home, but Princess Bubble is not there.

She says that the turtle was a present from Princess Bubble that they got for her.

In season five, we get a second chance to see the AdventureTales characters at the time that the Time Police are trying to stop them.

The next day, Jake meets up with his friends at a candy store.

Finnicks and Jake and a new character called “Gumshoe” are walking down the aisle when Gumshoe tries to buy a toy, but Jake refuses to take him home.

Jake and friends run away, but Gumshoes chase them, and at the end of the story, Finnits head turns back into a Turtle.

AdventureTime characters are also in their 20s, and their age range is shown in episode two

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