Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology says it’s time to check your time zone, as the Bureau of Astronomical Research (BAR) has revealed the time zone for your location has been changed to UTC +7.7 hours.

Key points:The Bureau of Metrology says the new time zone has been moved from UTC +8.2 hours to UTC -7.2HoursThe Bureau says the change is made to help protect the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) from a “change in measurement practices”.

“There’s no doubt that this change has caused a bit of a stir, both among our international audience and in the Australian community, which may cause some confusion,” said a statement from the bureau.

The bureau’s data centre manager, Dr John Glynn, said he was surprised by the change, given that it was made to protect the ABS.

“The Aussies have been complaining about the change for a number of years,” Dr Glynn said.

“And the ABS has been looking into it for a while.”

So it’s been a long time since we’ve actually heard a reason for the change.

“It’s a bit silly to make such a big change.”

Dr Glynn pointed out that the Australian government’s standard time zone had been shifted from UTC+8.4 hours to the new UTC -5.8 hours.

“There have been plenty of times where that’s been done for a couple of decades, it’s very minor and there’s no big impact to the Aussys,” Dr Hylton said.’

It’s all about safety’Dr Hylson said there were “some real safety concerns” about the new change, especially for those travelling from overseas.

“I think it’s a little bit concerning that the ABS is trying to get people to change their clocks when there are safety concerns,” she said.

Dr Hynson said the change was just one more move that was being made to try and keep Australia safe from a possible change to time zones.

“You’ve got to balance the needs of the system with the needs and needs of individuals,” she explained.

“Time is a very important piece of information for many people, it really is a bit like a compass.”

But we do have some safety concerns in that there’s the potential for a change in time zones.”ABC News has contacted the Bureau for comment.


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