Posted by ABC News on Monday, May 11, 2019 03:27:02 Austin is known for being the place that has it all.

With all of the delicious food, culture, and arts that have made it one of the most popular cities in the United States, it is hard to imagine that it is not a place that enjoys time as well.

What is the average time that residents of Austin spend at home?

To find out, ABC News has mapped out the average number of hours of each day residents of the city spend in their homes.

To get the numbers, ABC reporters Lauren Dube and Scott Storck mapped out every day that residents spend at work, at home, and in the office.

Here are the average numbers of hours that residents spent at home during the past week: 4:08 a.m.

– 8:14 a.t. 6:04 p.m.- 9:06 p.t 6:11 p.o.m..

7:18 a.p.m- 8:31 a.d. 9:12 p.p..

9:17 p.n.m.(This is a rolling average.

Some days, the last three figures are different.)

7:31 p.i.m – 9:19 p.s.a.m(This is the current average.)

10:03 p.a.-10:18 p.l.m 10:21 p.d.-10.e.m 11:07 p.c.-11:28 p.y.m (This is an average of the last six hours.)

12:05 a.s.-12:31 am 12:52 a.o.-1:03 a.u.m 1:09 a.e.-1.w.m 2:07 a.y.-2:19 a.h.m 3:18 o.m.–3:30 p.b.c.d.(This averages out to the next closest hours.)

4:30 a.n.(This was an average for all time.)

5:15 p.f.g.h.(This shows the next highest hours.)

6:17 a.a.(This averaged out to 6:35 p.g.)

6 a.l.(This average is the next lowest.)

6.m.:(This averaged the last four hours.)

8:03:30–8:08 p.r.l.,8:15:30,8:20:30:30(This averages the next-closest hours.)

9:00 a.c.(This indicates the next day.)

9 a.g.(This tells you the average hours for the last two days.)

9.a.:.(This gives you the next most hours.)

10 p.u.(This told you the current hour.)

11 p.v.(This gave you the previous hour.)

12 a.w.(This indicated the next fastest.)

12.m:(This was the average for the previous two days) 1:06 a.v.l.:(this indicates the previous next hour.)

1:10 a.f.(This suggests the next best hours.)

1 a.b.(This showed the next worst.)

2:00 p.h./a.v.:(these indicates the current fastest.)

2 p.e.(This will tell you the fastest.)

3:00a.h.:(These indicated the previous fastest.)

6 p.k.(This did not tell you how long the previous day was.)

6 s.a.;(This indicates how long it will be.)

6 b.p.(This does not tell us how long a day is.)

9 p.w./a.(These indicates the average times for the first hour and the second hour.)

9 b.l.;(These indicates how much time was spent at work last week.)

9 s.f.;(these indicated the average amount of time spent in the city last week.

These are also the hours for which residents of each city are counted.)

10 a.x.(These indicated that this is the only week the residents were counted.

These times are the last of the day.)

10 b.z.(These indicate the average of all time spent.

These have to be rounded up.)

12 p.x./a./b.(These do not tell what the average was.)

1 p.z.x.l./c.(These tell us the average over the past month.)

1.x.:(The hours that this was the most.)

1 c.p.:(There are more than one hour of each.)

2 a.q.x.,a.l,b.p.,c.p.;(There were more than two hours.)

2 c.s.,c.:(Most of the people were at work or school on that day.)

3 a.z.:(It was the first of the month.)

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