Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad mini models are designed to be used as small computers for small tasks.

The iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus are small enough to use in a pocket or on the side of your bedside table, while the 6s and 6p have the same screen size.

The 6s is even smaller than the 6.3-inch iPad Pro, which has a larger screen.

But Apple is not alone.

Microsoft is also using tiny computers to power their Windows 10 machines.

The company has developed a small PC-sized computer that’s designed to run Windows 10 on a tiny desktop or laptop.

The small PC can be installed inside a small desktop or small laptop, and the system can be controlled with a mouse or keyboard.

Microsoft says the small PC is more portable than most desktop PCs, and it can be used in any room with an internet connection.

“Microsoft believes that small is beautiful,” said Kevin Gentry, the company’s chief operating officer.

“Small is fun.”

The small Windows PC can run the latest version of Windows 10, which is based on the Windows 10 Mobile operating system, and can also be used to run the Windows desktop software.

The PC’s main screen is smaller than that of the desktop version, and its size makes it ideal for watching videos, playing games, browsing the web and playing music.

Microsoft’s Windows PCs can be placed in small office or school spaces.

The small PC comes with Windows 10 Home, which includes a number of preinstalled applications, including Skype, Office 365, OneDrive, Xbox, and more.

Microsoft said the small Windows PCs also come with a range of third-party programs, including Cortana, which can recognize your voice and respond to your queries.

The Microsoft desktop PC will be updated in a few months.

Microsoft is offering the small PCs in three colors, which are red, white, and blue.

The Windows PCs will be available at select retailers starting Tuesday, March 9.

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