Posted November 14, 2021 14:36:57 Australia needs to go quicker on climate changes, according to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“I think Australia has to go to the limit and the limit is to stop the climate tipping point,” he told ABC Radio in an interview published this week.

Mr Turnbull, who was elected in September, has been trying to win support from voters to take action on climate Change, despite the nation’s current slow pace.

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Mr Turnbull pledged to spend $3 billion a year on reducing carbon emissions, while $100 million would be given to organisations that promote sustainable energy.

The Australian government has committed to spending $20 billion a decade to develop new clean energy technologies.

Mr Trudeau, a Liberal, has promised to cut carbon emissions from the economy by 20 per cent by 2020 and $50 billion a week over the next five years.

“The carbon intensity in Australia is now a fraction of what it was 20 years ago,” he said.

“We are on track to be a carbon emitter for the next 40 years.”

Climate change Australia: What you need to know about the country’s emissions problem and the world’s leaders on climate action article With climate change a key issue for many Australians, the Prime Minister said that Australia’s emissions had already reached a tipping point.

“Australia’s climate change is a real issue and it’s a real challenge,” he continued.

“Climate change is about to hit the national economy hard.”

The Prime Minister told the United Nation that Australia could not afford to continue the current path of “march and march” on reducing emissions.

He said it was “the wrong way to go”, adding that Australia had already begun the process of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr Abbott has already said that a climate change reduction plan is a “priority” for the Government.

He is also set to announce a new energy and climate strategy for the Federal Government in the coming weeks.

Australia’s climate is shifting, but Mr Turnbull is not the only one to say it is not as bad as the past.

The ABC’s climate reporter Matt Bresnan said that despite the current situation, the world was still “well behind” Australia on reducing its emissions.

“It’s been a long time since we have seen a major country like Australia come in front of the rest of the world,” he explained.

“There are still a lot of challenges that Australia will have to address over the coming years, but it is a big country and a global economy.”

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