Posted May 05, 2019 07:11:38The US National Weather Service is warning residents to be prepared to adjust to the new standard time zone, but is keeping the country’s traditional clocks in sync with the rest of the world.NWS deputy meteorologist Kevin Trenberth said on Thursday that in addition to the time zone change, there will be some other adjustments, including an adjustment to the hours of sunrise and sunset.

He said the change in the time zones will affect the way the clocks work, but will not impact the basic timekeeping of the country.

The clocks will not change and the clocks will still be synchronized with the time of day and the position of the earth on the earth.

In the UK, the clocks are set at Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is the time that is closest to the Greenwich Mean Convergence Point (GMTP) – the point where daylight is equal to the night sky.

The US and other countries are keeping the clocks in GMT, and the National Weather Office said it is looking forward to the change.

However, the UK’s National Meteorological Office said that the US will need to wait until March 2020 to change to GMT time, which will take place at 8:10 a.m.

GMT, rather than 8:00 a.p.m GMT.

The time zone switch in the US means that people living in parts of the western US, such as Arizona and California, will have to find new ways to adjust.

The National Weather Center in New York said in a statement on Thursday afternoon that the change will affect those areas where daylight begins at the time when the sun sets at the equator.

Trenbert said it would not be possible to use the clocks of those areas to adjust clocks to the standard time of the rest the world because the clocks and their time zones have not been synchronized.

Travellers travelling to and from these areas will be able to adjust their clocks by adjusting the timezone of their phones and devices, which can be adjusted in the phone app.

The change will also affect some US residents who may be living in states that use UTC, the time is slightly different than the standard local time of New York and some states that have adopted UTC.

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