We are going to assume that you’re going to be on vacation for the next month.

You’re going back to the US.

You can’t leave.

You’ve got your wallet and your keys in your car.

If you need to travel, it’ll be a one-way trip.

You’ll need a car, a hotel, food and a place to stay.

You will also need to keep your credit cards at home and use your cell phone. 

If you’re a little more comfortable with this, here’s how you can make the most of the next week. 

Kumululu is the capital of West Papua, where the bulk of the population lives.

If I was traveling, I’d be traveling with an extra laptop, a few spare hard drives, a little spare money and a few books to read.

I also have a spare laptop, so I could make some more of my notes. 

My backpack is loaded with stuff.

The airport is crowded.

I need to get out of there and I’ll be heading to a small town on the way. 

It’s going to take me a little while to get back to Kumululu.

I’ll take a taxi there, drive back to town and then go to a cafe or shop for a coffee. 

Once back in Kumulululu, I can just walk around and grab some breakfast.

I’m going to have to keep my money in the safe place at home, and I won’t have any money left to take to a café for coffee.

I can only have cash at the bank, but I’ll have to take out a little money.

If you are going for a short trip or just want to get away from all the hassle, you should take some of the following tips. 

Be sure you have enough money to cover your essentials.

If your credit card is at home or you’ve got some extra money in your wallet, make sure you’re not overdrawn. 

Make sure you are prepared to take any measures you can to make sure your trip goes smoothly. 

Get a flight or a train ticket.

If it’s a flight, make a reservation. 

I will have to make my own arrangements to get my money to Kumula.

I may be tempted to use a hotel that has a reservation system.

But I’m more likely to go to the airport. 

A hotel can be booked out with your credit.

There are places that have rooms that are only for a few nights and that you can book out for a price. 

You will have more freedom than if you booked your ticket from the airport directly.

If that hotel doesn’t have a reservation, they can make arrangements to do so. 

Find a way to stay in the same town you’re traveling to.

You may be able to make some extra cash if you’re on a longer trip.

If so, try to find a small, one- or two-room hotel.

It’s better to go alone and have your own room than to share a room with a stranger. 

Book a taxi to get to your destination.

The cheapest way to get money is to use your credit or debit card. 

When you’re driving, be sure to use the GPS. 

The weather will vary from day to day.

You might get some good driving on one day and some bad driving on the next.

If the weather is good, you’ll be able hit the roads in the evening. 

Travelers with limited mobility are most likely to travel with a group.

If this is your first trip, it’s important to make your plan.

If there is no group, you can rent a car and drive to your desired destination. 

Take advantage of the weather. 

Do some research online and see what other travelers are saying about staying safe in their home countries.

Make sure you understand what the locals are saying. 

Ask around.

If someone tells you they can get a lift to a place that is a few miles from your destination, or they can go to town for a quick bite, that’s probably a good idea.

You want to stay away from dangerous places. 

Plan ahead.

You need to plan ahead, so you have some food and drink and a couple of hours to get a room.

You should be able get a taxi or car to your hotel.

You also need some extra time to plan your day.

I’ve always stayed at a hotel the day I was there.

It wasn’t a big deal.

The hotel was busy and we didn’t really have a choice but to stay there.

If my hotel didn’t have enough rooms, I would stay at my hotel the next day. 

Stay in contact with your friends. 

Facebook groups are a great place to keep up with local news and travel news. 

There’s a lot of

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