A reader from USA sent us the following: ‘My father had died in a motorcycle accident, which I have been unable to get the time for due to my father’s illness.

I was in his bed for about two weeks and was in the process of recovering from his injuries when the time arrived to return home.

The doctor said it would be a very long time for me to be able to go back to my own country and I had to accept that.

My father died when he was in my family, and when I left for college, he had passed away, so my brother and I were unable to visit him during his time in India.

‘Now, I am trying to return to the US to visit my father and visit him in person.

The time for returning to my country is still far away, and I have to be careful of what I tell people about my experience, especially my father.

I also need to talk to my family in India about my experiences there, and also about my mother who has been suffering from dementia for the past 15 years.

My mother died from dementia last year and it is very hard to see her and see her children.

I hope my story can shed some light on the suffering that people in India are going through and how much we have to work to make a positive difference.

‘I want to thank everyone who helped me in India to visit and tell their stories.

Thank you to all the people who wrote letters, emails and messages to the editor, and to the many people who made the trip to India to meet me.

‘Thank you to the readers of this blog who shared their experiences and shared their thoughts on my journey.

‘May the Lord give you strength and hope in your journey and may you return to your country with great joy.’ 

The Times of Indian writes: “The Indian government has decided to set aside $100 million for people who are still living in India.” 

(Image via: India’s Ministry of External Affairs) ‘Time is of the essence’The Times writes that India’s government is making the announcement, following a meeting with US President Donald Trump.

It says: “In the US, a decision has been taken to allocate $100 Million to the People’s Fund to assist people living in countries like India who are unable to leave their country due to illness or death.” 

According to the Times, “India has set aside Rs. 1.75 lakh crore to be used to help those who are struggling financially after their parents died.” 

India is home to over a million people in poverty, and nearly one in five people in the country is considered destitute.

The country has struggled with high unemployment and a lack of health care, but President Trump has spoken out in support of India, calling the country a “model of prosperity and prosperity that is changing the world”. 

“This is an important decision that has been made because of the positive role that the People, in India, have played in the world,” Trump said in a statement. 

“India is a model for what success can look like.

India has been a leader in the global fight against poverty, but also an example of how a small country like India can make the most of its resources to achieve its dreams.

It is a story that should inspire all people, including those living in poverty and those who work in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and mathematics (STEM).”

I have a lot of admiration for India’s people and want to see them succeed.”

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