Half time shows have long been considered part of Canadian sports tradition, but the current iteration of the series, which is broadcast on CBC TV, is a prime example of how the country’s half time culture has evolved.

The CBC broadcast the first half-hour of the 2015-16 season, which ended with a 3-0 win over Argentina, the country of the same name.

The next half-hours, which have typically been the last two minutes of the evening on the network, feature a different set of games.

The most recent half-an-hour featured Canada hosting the Netherlands at the end of a four-game World Cup campaign in Brazil.

The team won both games 3-1.

CBC also has the longest-running half-times in Canada, with all five of its games going over the past decade.

For half-a-century, Canada has played its games on the Saturday before the Christmas break.

The first half was scheduled to start with the Canadian women’s national team on Dec. 6.

But after the World Cup, a series of bad luck and an international break meant that Canada played only one game on Christmas Eve.

The following year, it played two matches, on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

The games were a total disaster.

The women’s side was outscored 4-1 in the first period and were forced to settle for a 2-2 draw.

After the team was outplayed, the teams coach, Peter Wilt, had to call in the referees to try and get the game to restart.

The men’s side scored the game’s lone goal in the final minute to secure the win.

While the women’s team has been able to get back to winning ways, the men’s team hasn’t exactly been winning the hearts of the Canadian population.

The national team has won just once in its last 13 matches against the Dutch since 2013.

The teams last win over Canada came in the 2010 World Cup.

In a season where the teams goals were not rewarded, it’s only fitting that the men have now lost their next two matches.

It’s also only fitting Canada will host the men in this match, a game which will likely be a close game.

This is also the first time the men and women will face off since the women won the bronze medal in the women at the 2012 Games in Vancouver.

In all, the women have won just one game in five appearances against the men, all in their final six matches of the season.

It won’t be the first game the men are playing against Canada since the World War II era, either.

The two teams have met in a World Cup qualifying round match earlier this year, and the Canadians have won all three games.

But that didn’t quite bring Canada back to the World Cups, as the men were defeated 3-2 by Russia in the semifinal round.

The win was also the last time the two teams faced off in the semi-finals, where Canada lost 4-3 to the Netherlands in the second round.

This match will likely come down to the final whistle, as Canada won all five games.

Canada has also played the women in two other World Cup games, the first being in 2006 when the teams played a match on the same day.

Canada defeated the Netherlands 4-0 in the semifinals, but lost to Germany in the quarterfinals.

In both of those games, Canada’s goal was the same: get the ball into the back of the net.

The other two World Cup matches have come when Canada was facing the Netherlands.

Canada won the first match 4-2 in 2005, and lost 2-1 to Germany that same year.

The second match came in 2007 when Canada beat Germany 2-0.

But the Germans were a different team then, so it was never a true World Cup match.

The Canadians are currently the favorites to win the gold medal in Rio.

The tournament kicks off on Sunday, August 7 at 9:30 p.m.


The game will be televised live on CBC.ca.

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