There is a good chance that the post-Election Day column that you will be writing this weekend will be something that was written before the election.

There is no doubt that you may have to write something to address issues that have emerged during the campaign.

There will be some issues that you have to confront in your columns.

Here are five tips to consider: 1.

Don’t assume that your readers are aware of your politics.

The election was won on issues that many Americans are uncomfortable with, and you are still trying to figure out how to address these issues.

If you are concerned about your column being perceived as “partisan,” it is possible that the topic could be addressed in your post-campaign column, or even in a follow-up column.

In such cases, you may want to address the issue head-on, and not wait until you have the election over with before addressing it. 2.

Don�t make an issue about the election itself.

While you may think that your column will address some issues related to the election, it will be hard to find time in your schedule to write about them.

You will likely want to focus on issues related with the economy, and the president and his administration.

There may be other issues that need addressing in your column, but this is where you should focus on your own political agenda.


Don �t try to be objective.

It is not necessary to be neutral in your politics to write an opinion column.

You have a right to your opinions, but you can�t expect them to be written with any kind of neutrality.

It might help to write the column as a personal essay that you wish to share with your readers.

If your columns are meant to be taken as a platform for your political views, then you may find it more effective to write from the perspective of someone who is a friend or relative.

If there is a specific issue that you want to discuss, then write it as an opinion piece.


Don ��t write in a vacuum.

As with any political campaign, the post election column should be read as part of a larger conversation about issues that are important to you and your readers, but also reflect your own personal views.

If it is an issue that interests you personally, write about it in a way that reflects your views.

In the past, you might have written about how the president, his administration, and his family has helped the poor.

Or, you could write about how he has chosen to be transparent with the American people about the health care system.

This approach is often a more effective way to present your views, and it may be more likely that you would find your column more engaging if it was written in a more balanced manner.


Use your columns as a forum for other political viewpoints.

If the topics that you focus on in your posts do not overlap with the issues that your political opponents are pushing, then they should be addressed separately in your political column.

A good way to accomplish this is to write one column per topic, but sometimes it is not possible to make this happen, so it is best to write in one column.

This may be the case for topics that are politically controversial, such as the economy.

If, however, you feel that you could address more than one topic in one post, you can use the “comment” option in your “read more” section of the column.

If a particular topic is being discussed in your own column, you should highlight the specific issue in the column, and then add your comments.

In a follow up column, if you feel like you can provide a more comprehensive response to a particular issue, then it is also helpful to highlight that specific topic in your response to the issue.

If someone has pointed out a particular aspect of your campaign that they would like you to address, then use the same approach.

If they would rather hear from someone else about their issues, then ask them to comment on your column.

Don Meehan is the author of “Practical Politics: Politics and the Presidency” (Crown Publishers, 2017).

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