In Texas, Taco Tuesdays are the norm.

It’s not a new phenomenon, but the number of taco restaurants has surged, and it has become a hot trend with locals.

We’ve compiled a list of the best and most popular taco restaurants in the Lone Star State with our friends at The Taco Times.

In the interest of full disclosure, The Taco Time did not have any tacos served on the day of this review, but they do have some of our favorites on the menu.

The Texan Taco Time menu features an assortment of the most popular and most expensive tacos available.

Some of the items are simple favorites, but others, like the “Chocolate Tostada” taco ($12), are a bit more expensive.

There are also some interesting selections, like a spicy roasted beef taco ($15), and the beef burger ($15) that includes avocado and onions, but with the addition of lettuce and tomato.

While most of these tacos are priced well above their retail prices, the selection of toppings and toppings types can vary depending on your taste buds.

The Tostadas are a staple at Tostados, and are always an upgrade over the regular Tostado.

The steak taco ($19.99) is topped with a creamy avocado and a fresh green chile sauce, while the carnitas ($18.99), the taco with cheese and onions ($19), and a chili chicken taco ($20) are also popular.

The taco bowl ($15.99 with fries, $10.99 without) is a staple for many Texas locals, and is a favorite at many of the other taco restaurants around town.

There’s also a popular taco night that runs from 1 p.m. to 3 p.k. on Sundays, which includes all the usual taco and drink specials, and includes a drink and a few appetizers.

The best way to eat tacos in Texas is to order them in advance, and then pick a taco that you like.

The tacos we enjoyed on Tuesday included the Chorizo Tacos ($14.99, with rice, beans, and guacamole), a meat-flavored taco, and a sweet and spicy Tacos de Pico, a taco with beef, pork, and chipotle chiles on top.

The other tacos we had included the Tostadillas, a pork taco, a beef taco, guac, and sour cream.

The chorizo tacos were an absolute hit with our family, and we also loved the sweet and sour taco, which came with avocado and salsa, and the steak tacos.

If you don’t want to spend much money on tacos, we highly recommend the Chirimitas Tacos, which are similar to the ones on our list but with beef instead of chipotle.

We had the steak and chicken tacos with chipotle guac and sourcream.

We also enjoyed the Mexican taco bowl, which comes with a chicken burrito, beans and salsa with guac (a taco with chipotles), and chips (a corn tortilla with chipots and salsa).

For more delicious Texan tacos, check out our list of Texas taco restaurants.

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